RiffTrax Live: Plan 9 From Outer Space

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The comedy event of 2009 comes to Blu-ray! The stars of Mystery Science Theater 3000 meet the worst movie of all time to bring you RiffTrax Live. Join Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett live and onstage at the historic Belcourt Theater in Nashville as they riff along hilariously to Ed Wood’s classic B-movie blunder Plan 9 from Outer Space. Hosted by internet superstar Veronica Belmont, and featuring geek troubadour Jonathan Coulton, RiffTrax Live offers non-stop music and laughs. Also included is Flying Stewardess, a 40’s travel short that gets subjected to the guys’ signature brand of rapid-fire riffing.

Join Mike, Kevin, Bill and the gang for a truly magical night of comedy and cult classics with RiffTrax Live: Plan 9 From Outer Space, available now for the first time in high definition!

Bonus features include a behind the scenes slideshow and uncut versions of the "commercials" that aired during the show.

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Release date

December 7, 2009


115 minutes

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